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Innovation Skills and Tools

Inspiring Innovation

Innovation Events

Our ambition is to inspire our communities to innovate for the future through regular guest speakers, practical workshops and events.

How can you ensure that you have the skills for the future? What does it take to innovate for the future? Whether you are being an entrepreneur setting up a game-changing business or working in an organisation and developing new products and services, being innovate is more important than ever.

Through practical workshops, inspirational guest speakers and interactive events, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group seek to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders.

Innovation & Enterprise Masterclasses

Hear from inspirational innovators and successful leaders during these free guest lecturers. From sharing their career journey and lessons learnt, to educating audiences on new ways of thinking, Innovation Masterclasses invite the wider community to have their perspective changed and their ambitions challenged.

Speakers have previously included:

  • Fraser Doherty MBE, Founder of SuperJam and Co-Founder of Beer 52
  • Hannah Miley, Olympic Gold Medallist
  • Pat Mills, Comic Book Author and Creator of Judge Dredd
  • Gillian Doherty OBE, CEO of the Data Lab
  • Dave Cormack, CEO of BrightTree and Chairman of Aberdeen Football Club
  • Jo Macsween, Former CEO of Macsween Haggis
  • Bob Keiller CBE, Former Chairman of Scottish Enterprise and CEO of Wood Group

Find out about our latest Innovation Masterclass by checking our events calendar and signing up for our mailing list:

two women

Enterprise Masterclass – How does being an impact-focused startup pay off?

08 November 2021

What impact can a startup have on people and our planet? Why should startups focus on impact? Hear from Loral and Eishel Quinn, the mother and daughter co-founders of Sustainably.

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Steve McCreadie

Innovation Masterclass – How being an intrapreneur can make you future proof?

31 January 2022

What does it mean to be an ‘intrapreneur’ – or is it just a spelling mistake? How can you be innovative within organisations. Learn from Steve McCreadie, CEO of The Lens in this masterclass.

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Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne

Enterprise Masterclass – What is the secret recipe for innovation?

22 February 2022

What does it take to go from innovative idea to a top selling product? How does thinking differently inspire new products? Find out from founder of Genius Foods, Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne.

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You can also watch back on some of our previous Innovation Masterclass sessions:

Innovation & Enterprise Skills

Develop practical skills and understanding through our regular free short workshops to improve your innovative thinking. These interactive sessions held during lunchtimes or in the evenings introduce tools and frameworks to undertake innovation and apply new thinking or look at practical skills for implementing an entrepreneurial venture.

Our previous topics have included:

  • Understanding design thinking
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Explaining intellectual property
  • Considering the future of work
  • Social media training for startups
  • Legal skills for entrepreneurs
  • Cyber security for new businesses
  • Understanding accounts and taxes
  • Human resources for startups

If you are interested in developing your skills and being ready for the future of work, then view our events calendar to sign up for our latest Innovation Skills workshop.

man with a box

Enterprise Skills – Understanding business operations

11 October 2021

How do you turn an idea into a functioning business? What resources and infrastructure do you need to operate a venture? Gain practical tips in this free workshop.

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padlock on a keyboard

Enterprise Skills – Understanding intellectual property

13 October 2021

What intellectual property do you have in your business and how do you protect it? How do you stop others copying your ideas? Take part in this interactive workshop to find out.

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people sat on low chairs talking

Innovation Skills – Being more than a mind reader

13 October 2021

How do you create innovations that users care about? What is the process you should take to come up with ideas? Go beyond making mindreading guesses and take on the process of design thinking.

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person ordering at a coffee shop

Enterprise Skills – Understanding your market and customers

27 October 2021

Do you know which market is the best to focus on for your business? How do you engage with customers to create the best offerings? Learn in this free workshop.

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two girls talking

Innovation Skills – Learning from innovation experiments

03 November 2021

How do you know if your innovative idea will be successful? What are innovation experiments? Find out how to turn ideas into action in this free workshop.

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person at a laptop

Enterprise Skills – Developing a business model

24 November 2021

How will your business make money? What business model will you use to stand out in the market? Find out in this interactive skills workshop.

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close up of a calculator

Enterprise Skills – Funding a startup idea

02 December 2021

What ways can you fund your business idea? What options are there for raising investment for your venture? Learn the jargon in this free skills workshop.

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brass compass

Innovation Skills – Becoming a pirate

26 January 2022

What makes one team more innovative than another? How do you know if your organisation genuinely has a culture of innovation? Learn how to test it in this free session.

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Man giving a talk

Innovation Skills - Being a storyteller

09 March 2022

How can storytelling help you persuade others or convey information? What techniques can be used to make your audiences really listen? Gain practical tips in this free session.

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Other Events

Throughout the year, we connect our industry partners, students, staff, alumni and entrepreneurs through several additional events, these include:

  • Innovation Boost – providing the opportunity for those interested in innovation to meet, share ideas and connect with the goal of boosting participants professional networks
  • Startup Sunday Live – celebrating the achievements of our startup teams through our annual showcase and pitching event which introduces our teams to the wider entrepreneurial community
  • Imaginize – highlighting and inspiring out-of-the-box thinking through an interactive exhibition of futuristic technologies with the opportunity to engage with them and consider how it might be utilised in various industries
  • Mentor Mashups – connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with mentors from industry to discuss challenges, offer guidance and build professional networks
  • Innovation Socials – providing casual, interactive social events from virtual quizzes, to discos, to crafting challenges and more to bring entrepreneurs and colleagues together for social activities

Stay up-to-date on our latest event information:

If you have an idea for an event, or want more information, then contact

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