RGU’s crowdfunding platform is open for students, staff and alumni to put forward innovative ideas and projects for crowdfunding.
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RGU GoFund allows friends of RGU to support creative projects that will open up opportunities for staff and students.

Projects can be about anything, but should focus on the benefits they will provide to students, the university, or the wider community.

Access the platform, create an account and submit your project:

Using the site to crowdfund your project is free - RGU GoFund covers all fees and costs for you, so you can get 100% of your pledges.


Examples of projects include:

  • Funding a new piece of equipment for a sports team or society
  • Exhibitions and shows of work
  • Conferences and events
  • Entrepreneurship and social enterprise

Your project must reflect in some way the strategic purpose, mission and culture of RGU.

  • PURPOSE: To be an innovative, inclusive, impactful, professionally-focused university.
  • MISSION: To transform people and communities by providing demand-led teaching and research to contribute to economic, social and cultural development regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • CULTURE: RGU will thrive by valuing and celebrating a culture of authenticity, approachability, collaboration, innovation, ambition and respectfulness.


  • Applicants must be a member of RGU – staff or student. In the case of projects being undertaken by or on behalf of RGU’s Student’s Union, the applicant must be a current student, and if a final year student, they should complete or handover the project to another student before graduating.
  • The RGU Community is built on trust. Projects must be completed as promised and as stated on the project page, or funds must be returned to donors.
  • Students should not use the platform to 'fund my life' or to fundraise for other charities - projects seeking to raise funds to pay rent, fund tuition fees will not be accepted. The RGU Foundation will reclaim gift aid for all projects and HMRC regulations mean that we are unable to support fundraising for other charities.
  • Applicants should understand that submissions will be moderated for content and suitability. All projects submitted will be reviewed for suitability, judging them on the quality of content, goals, and level of commitment demonstrated by the team behind the project.
  • Applicants are responsible for promoting the project outside of the RGU GoFund platform. Whilst RGU Foundation staff will support applicants to create projects, the project's creators are responsible for regular promotion to family, friends, teammates, colleagues and their networks.

Further information

Find out more about RGU GoFund, guidelines and guidance about what to include in your project plan:


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