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Student Experience Sub-Strategy

The Student Experience Sub-Strategy provides a clear outline of what students will be offered at RGU and how the University supports their academic, personal, and professional development.

Providing experiences that enable you to thrive and enhance your abilities.

The three pillars of the Student Experience Sub-Strategy were created with four aims from the 'Teaching, Learning and Student Experience' section of RGU's strategy in mind:

  • Create a vibrant and inclusive environment that provides an equitable and future-focused student experience
  • Design a broad, relevant and engaging curriculum with an international perspective that enhances personal development and employability
  • Provide excellent academic and personal support; including opportunities to participate in ‘beyond the classroom’ activities
  • Widen access and grow enrolments on our courses while further developing the range of work-based and upskilling courses

The strategy is centred around three core pillars which reflect the best of the RGU student experience.



  • Your Course - Career focused courses and modules with interdisciplinary learning opportunities which are informed by the latest research. 
  • You’re Important - Offering you an inclusive curriculum that recognises and responds to diversity. 
  • Your Staff - Committed, inspiring and caring subject experts committed to supporting you throughout your studies. 
  • Investing in You - With our variety of undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses you can feel excited about being a student with RGU, investing in yourself, and opening up your future possibilities. 


  • Safe and Inclusive - You will be part of a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment. 
  • Our Campus - You will study in a stimulating and modern riverside campus which offers lively social spaces and outdoor green spaces with easy access online learning to make use of leading technologies. 
  • Connecting Us - You will have the chance to have fun with others whilst participating in student-led activities that will bring you together. 
  • Our Community - With so much going on around campus and online, we will help you to make the most of university life with signposting to social, sporting and networking events throughout the academic year. 


  • Here For You - You will be supported by approachable, knowledgeable and caring staff who can assist you in fulfilling your potential and help you to overcome challenges. 
  • Your Development - We will enable you to appreciate your strengths and areas for development and to build your knowledge and transferable skills for a lifetime of success. 
  • Your Future - We will encourage and support you in making effective choices, identify opportunities, and reach your goals. 
  • Your Health & Wellbeing - You will be part of a community which supports your physical, social, and mental health & wellbeing. 

About the Sub-Strategy diagram's design

The design at the centre of the Sub-Strategy comes from RGU’s ceremonial mace. This was commissioned by Aberdeen City Council to mark RGU becoming a University in 1992, is used at Graduation Ceremonies, and is on display in Garthdee House. The symbols show the faculties at the time together with two shields - the original RGU Coat of Arms and the Arms of Aberdeen City Council. The University motto ‘omni nunc arte magistra’ appears down the length of the mace, which influenced the tagline for the Student Experience Sub-Strategy. Find out more about the history of RGU:


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