Our Values

Our Strategy

Our Values

The university’s culture is part of the institution’s identity and defines what it values as a community.


The values are integral to the university’s core principles and standards and informs the way it operates. These values are embedded in every aspect of the organisation and define what is expected and accepted at RGU.


We have the confidence to recognise and realise opportunities for growth and development, responding constructively, flexibly and positively to challenges and change.


We show concern for others and communicate effectively; we are engaging, friendly and professional.


We foster an atmosphere of trust and act consistently; people deliver on their promises and demonstrate honesty and commitment in everything they say and do.


We value the benefits of working in partnership, recognise complementary strengths and build and maintain effective and productive working relationships.


We constantly look for and implement improved ways of working, contribute new ideas, and engage within and across teams to solve problems.


We listen to other people’s views, treat everyone with respect, and challenge unacceptable behaviour in others.


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