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Strategy Map

Our Strategy

Strategy Map

Established in December 2018, the university’s strategy has been developed to reflect the significant strengths that make RGU distinctive through the provision of demand-led teaching and research to contribute to economic, social and cultural development.

RGU has a strategic mission to transform individuals and communities by providing demand-led teaching and research to contribute to economic, social and cultural development. To achieve this the university has established a strategy map which reflects its significant strengths in higher education. 

The closeness of RGU’s relationship with professional bodies and employers allows the university to develop a curriculum that addresses specific skills needs, extending the reach and relevance of its provision to drive employability and support individuals to thrive throughout their careers. It maintains a strong focus on providing learner opportunities for people of all backgrounds and at all stages of their careers. Its flexible, accessible curriculum and work-based learning opportunities support the upskilling and reskilling of both individuals and workforces.  

RGU prides itself on a student-centred approach to the learning experience which creates an inclusive environment. It ensures a high quality student experience through active engagement with students in the design and delivery of the curriculum. This gives students a strong identity and the opportunity to shape their learning to ensure it meets their needs, enabling them to succeed in their studies and grow as individuals.

The university is committed to growing the impact of its research by building critical mass around established research leads. The university is investing in additional resource to support areas where it is already delivering globally impactful research. It is focused on interdisciplinary collaboration, developing new, and nurturing existing, innovative strategic research partnerships with business and industry.

RGU is committed to the growth and development of the people and economy of the North East of Scotland and is actively engaged with the region’s ambitious transformation. A key part of this stimulating innovation and economic development by harnessing its expertise and strengthening its partnerships with industry. Building on this, the university is fostering innovation and entrepreneurship to support company creation and growth, and the development of products and services. Further afield, the university is building strong relationships to stimulate international economic development.

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