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Our Strategy


The University’s refreshed strategy has been developed to reflect significant changes in the internal and external environment while recognising and building on the strengths that make RGU distinctive.

Our mission is to transform people and communities by providing excellent teaching, research and enterprise opportunities to contribute to economic, social and cultural development and environmental sustainability.

We are an innovative, inclusive, professionally focused University that has a positive impact on those we serve, and we recognise and celebrate the values of curiosity, authenticity, approachability, collaboration, ambition, respectfulness and equality.


Our aim is to provide students with an excellent experience that will enable them to raise their aspirations and thrive in their professional careers as global citizens, to grow the quality and impact of our globally recognised, innovative and interdisciplinary research,  and to ensure that we contribute significantly towards Scotland’s economic and social regeneration. 


We foster our sense of university community through treating individuals equitably, fairly and with respect; proactively fostering wellbeing and a healthy work-life balance by introducing flexible approaches to work and study; nurturing staff and student sense of community, engagement and empowerment by prioritising open communication; and by attracting, developing and rewarding talent.

We will play our role in creating a more sustainable future through minimising our environmental footprint and meeting our Net Zero targets; being recognised as a leading university in the energy and health sectors; realising our moral purpose for the common good; and generating financial surpluses to invest in our future.

We will develop our infrastructure through imagining and providing contemporary spaces and equipment suitable for the university of the future; ensuring an excellent and secure digital infrastructure for users both on and off campus; creating a vibrant campus environment that will attract students, staff and visitors; and welcoming communities to our campus to further our mutual ambitions.

We will work collaboratively with others by developing partnerships through enhancing the range, depth and value of partnerships nationally and internationally; achieving an excellent student experience through partnership; strengthening alumni engagement, enabling them to be integral to our success; and developing partnerships to increase access to the University’s courses and contribute to Scotland’s tertiary education landscape.

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