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Black History Month

Every October we celebrate Black History Month: let’s connect, create, and celebrate!

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Black History Month is a celebration of black history, culture and pride dedicated to honouring the contributions and achievements of Black people throughout history, as well as embracing the strength and unity found in our vibrant community.

In the UK, the month of October is put aside to recognise and celebrate the contributions and the achievements of the black community and learn about black historical and contemporary figures who contribute to Britain.

Black History Month further aims to highlight the pride and struggles of people of black origin and other persons of colour from African and Caribbean backgrounds. That is why in 2023 the theme was "Celebrating our diverse community: Global Citizens at RGU and beyond" and for us at RGU, the focus for BHM 2023 was to Connect Create and Celebrate as a community.

In 2023 we worked in partnership with RGU:Union to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to not just join in the celebrations of black origin, history and culture, but to raise awareness about racism, sensitizing the community and actively join in tackling and eradicating racism completely.


Visit this page again later in the year to find out about all the activities we have lined-up for the 2024 and join us as we celebrate the rich tapestry of our diverse community.

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Join us in celebrating the rich tapestry of our diverse community for Black History Month (BHM) 2023 this October! Let's Connect, Create and Celebrate together to honour the contributions and achievements of Black people throughout history. Hear from Staff Equality Champion for Race Leila Neshat Mokadem to learn more about this year's theme, exciting line-up of events and how to get involved.

Black History Month (BHM) is an annual worldwide celebration of black achievements. It's an opportunity for us as a university community to celebrate diversity and educate ourselves about race, ethnicity, and learn more about the rich historical contributions of Afro-Caribbean people to the UK.

In honour of Black History Month 2022, the Staff Race Equality Network and the Race Action Group organised an open lecture entitled "Who Am I?" on Thursday 20 October. The event, also part of the university's Vibrant Campus initiative, saw internal and external speakers address an audience of 30 staff members and students.

In his community story, Student President for Education and Welfare, Emmanuel Akerele, looks ahead to Black History Month, which begins on October 1.

As the university marks Black History Month we caught up with Dr Ibiye Iyalla, the Academic Strategic Lead for Corporate & Postgraduate Programmes at the School of Engineering and Programme leader for Subsea Engineering.

In her community story, social work student and member of the RGU Black Liberation Network, Emma-Lee Davidson, looks at how to be a good ally and support the BIPOC community, both at university and further afield.

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