School Academic Boards

Academic Council Committees

School Academic Boards

The Academic Boards monitor, review and agree action relating to the operation, management, quality assurance and development of the School’s academic portfolio and subject base. This includes ensuring the effective implementation of University policy in respect of quality enhancement, including teaching, learning and assessment policy.

Remit and Composition

The Remit and Composition of School Academic Boards are contained in Organisational Regulation 05.

For membership/distribution lists and copies of minutes, please contact the secretary of the relevant board.

For dates of meetings, please see the joint Sub-committee Calendar.

Aberdeen Business School

School of Applied Social Studies

Gray's School of Art

School of Computing

School of Creative and Cultural Business

School of Engineering

School of Health Sciences

The Law School

School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences

School of Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedic Practice

Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and the Built Environment

Good Practice Guidance for Conveners and Secretaries

The Good Practice Guidance for Conveners and Secretaries has been developed to provide Conveners and Secretaries with useful information, including the preparation of agendas and minutes, in relation to School Academic Boards, Course/Programme Management Teams and Staff Student Liaison.

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