Research Integrity and Ethics Sub-Committee

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Research Integrity and Ethics Sub-Committee

This is a Sub-Committee of the Research Committee. The remit includes to oversee the implementation of a research governance quality management system for the University and the maintenance and enhancement of ethical standards in the conduct of research (including consultancy and professional practice) undertaken by employees and students of the University.

Convener: Professor Nick Fyfe, Vice-Principal for Research and Community Engagement
Secretary: Mrs Fiona McLean Whyte, Deputy Academic Registrar

Membership, Remit and Composition

Standing Committees will from time to time establish Sub-Committees in order to assist them in undertaking their remits. 

The Remit and Composition of the Research Integrity and Ethics Sub-Committee are contained in Organisational Regulation O4, Annex 4.1

Sub-Committees, their memberships and Conveners will be reviewed not less than every three years.

Membership - to be confirmed.


These Minutes contain Reserved Business and are not posted on the website.


  • 9 October 2025
  • 29 January 2025
  • 8 April 2025

All meetings will be in N204.

Ethics Procedures

The following information is available through Commercial Operations Support:

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