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Robert Gordon University encourages cycling as a healthy, cheap and environmentally friendly way to get to University.

About Cycling

Commuting to campus by bike has multiple benefits:

  • It’s a good way to get active without the need to take extra time to exercise
  • It can be cheaper, faster and more convenient than driving or using public transport
  • It's recognised by the university as playing an important part towards achieving Net Zero

For all these reasons, RGU is looking to increase the numbers of staff and students that adopt cycling as their main way to travel to campus. A cycling strategy is currently being developed to support this as well as long-term decision-making.

Getting to Campus

The RGU campus is easily reached by bike from the city centre and student accommodations, being less than 5 miles away.

Suggested Routes

All routes start on Union Street but each has different characteristics:

  • Route 1  - uses quiet roads and has the longest traffic-free section on the old Deeside Railway Line
  • Route 2 - similar to Route 1, but is a more direct option with some busier roads at the beginning
  • Route 3 - the option with the least amount of traffic-free sections, but avoids steeper roads

The routes can be displayed in the map by enabling them via the sidebar menu. Routes from student accommodations to Union Street and access points along the old Deeside Way Railway Line can also be enabled in the map.

To see more detailed instructions on how to use the map, start by clicking on the blue icon within the map

Alternative Routes

More experienced cyclist may choose to use alternative routes. 

Route planning websites and applications may help you find the best way to campus.

Each has different features and it is useful to try them and see which one works best – it is often a personal choice. 

  • Aberdeen City Council - City Cycling Maps - PDF maps highlighting recommended routes and traffic-related information across the city
  • Strava
  • Komoot - suggests routes and journey planning for walking and cycling. Uses filters for level of fitness and route type.
  • Cycle Streets
  • BikeMap
  • Open Street Map - includes cycling-specific information with Open Cycle Map and CyclOSM
  • Google Maps - now includes a cycling option, but it’s still a driving-first application, so caution is required when using it to plan your cycling route.

Personalised Travel Plan

The Transport department can also prepare free personalised travel plan, giving a range of options for cycling and others. The results include interactive maps and information on travel times, bus routes, cost, CO2 emissions and calories burned for all modes of travel.

Email to get your personalised travel plan.

Getting a Bike

There are a number of options to get a bike and start cycling to campus.

Bike Hire

Bikes can be hired by staff and student from RGU GoGreen’s BikePad on a semester or academic year-long basis. The hire also includes a helmet, lights, high-vis jacket and lock - all the equipment required to be road ready.

A city-wide bike hire scheme is also launching in future, more information will be available closer to the scheme launch.

Bike Purchase

Aberdeen has a wide choice of local bike shops as well as national shops.

Energy Saving Trust offers an eBike Loan every year, which can be used to purchase e-bikes, cargo bikes or adapted cycles.

RGU staff can also benefit from the Cycle to Work scheme, which is available to purchase bikes and accessories while saving an average of 36% on their cost. Purchasing second-hand bikes can also be an option to keep costs low.

Bike Parking, Security & Other Facilities

Bike parking is available across campus and include a mix of unsheltered, sheltered and secure parking, as well as bike lockers in selected locations. More information on secure bike parking access can be obtained by emailing Transport  -

Showers, changing rooms and lockers are available in most buildings, with some facilities for staff only. Further information about our facilities:

Bike Security

Bike thefts have been increasing nationwide in recent years and also during lockdowns.

It is essential that you secure your bike when parking it on campus.

Police Scotland provides good advice on how to securely lock bikes and what preventive measures can be taken, including what can be done to getting bikes back in the unfortunate event they do get stolen.

RGU provides secure parking in selected locations on campus, with limited and protected access.

Initiatives and Support

Support and advice are available for those who want to cycle to campus.

Cycling Scotland’s Essential Cycling Skills Guide and Bike-Ability core function videos have helpful information for those new to cycling. Moreover, Cycling UK also provides information about road cycling signs.

The university has a Campus Cycling Officer who works to improve cycling conditions across the campus and can help with enquiries, email

RGU also has a Bike User Group that brings together staff and students cycling to campus or generally interested in cycling: this is a good place to ask questions and even socialise with like-minded people.

The University also holds events such as led cycle rides (for route planning), Dr Bike and Fix It Yourself (bike maintenance training), funding dependent.  More information will be added to this page when further event details are available.

In the meanwhile, it is a good idea to follow RGU main social media channels, including RGU Union and RGU SPORT, to receive updates for one-off events that may be planned:

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