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University of Stuttgart

Visionary since 1829: The University of Stuttgart stands for exceptional, world-acclaimed research and first-class teaching in one of Europe’s most vibrant industrial areas.


It is one of the leading technically oriented universities in Germany with global significance. Stuttgart is located in the South of Germany in the state of Baden-Württemberg, with a population of around 632,743 people. It is one of the most preferred student cities in Europe, offering numerous study programmes and opportunities to advance career-wise.


Institutions departments, with those that we have links with are starred*.

  • Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning*
  • Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Faculty of Chemistry
  • Faculty of Energy Technology, Process Engineering and Biological Engineering
  • Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and Geodesy
  • Faculty of Engineering Design, Production Engineering and Automotive Engineering
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences



Tahar Koudier

Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment
Tel: 00 44 1224 263522


Exchange CONTACT

Rebecca Schwenger

International Office
Tel: 00 49 711 685 685 71

Institution Academic Contact 

Rainer Goutrié

Erasmus Coordinator for the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning
Tel: 00 49 711 685 82762


Institution Details


University of Stuttgart
Postfach 10 60 37
70049 Stuttgart


  • Institution Code: D STUTTGA01

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