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TB certificate and differentiation arrangements

Check country-specific arrangements for TB testing and financial evidence during the visa application process

TB Certificate

Despite the differences in courses, the requirements for a visa for International students are generally the same.  The most significant differences are where you may require a TB certificate or where you are entitled to Differentiation arrangements as part of your visa application.

Infectious Tuberculosis, or TB as it is more commonly known, has been almost completely eradicated in the UK, however it is still common in some other countries and visa applicants from these countries are required to take a TB test before applying for their UK visa. Find out which countries this applies to:

If you need a TB test, you must get it from a UKVI accredited clinic.  When you pass the test, the clinic will issue a certificate, which is valid for 6 months. Please keep the certificate for your visa application and UK Border entry. 

A complete list of Home Office approved TB testing clinics is published and updated by the UKVI:

Differentiation Arrangements and Document Requirements

There are different documentary requirements under the Student Route for nationalities of certain countries, referred to by the UKVI as ‘Low Risk’ countries.  ‘Low Risk’ country nationals do not routinely have to present educational or financial documents as part of their application for a Visa. This is known as “Differentiation Arrangements”. Although you may not need to present this evidence, it is important however that you are able to produce these documents to the UKVI if asked for, as this is a requirement of the visa application.     

Countries benefiting from this arrangement are listed in paragraph ST 22.1 in:

Where you are entitled to Differentiation Arrangements, RGU will similarly not require to see your financial evidence unless we specifically ask you to show us this prior to issuing the CAS. 

Further Information

Please do not send any documents until these are asked for by the Admissions Department or Immigration Team.  When we ask for documents, unless we tell you otherwise, do not send original documents, send scans of them or very good quality photographs where all the details on the document can be seen. Keep original documents for your visa application

More information on each of the topics covered can found on the UK Government website

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