UK & EU Students Fees

How to Pay

UK & EU Students Fees

The way you pay and how much depends on where you are from.

Undergraduate Scottish and EU Students

Undergraduate Scottish and EU Students must apply to the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS), for funding and have confirmation of funding prior to enrolling.

If you delay in applying for funding you may face serious problems therefore we strongly recommend that you do not wait to the last minute to do so. If you miss the deadline for application you will be personally liable to pay the fees.

SAAS will pay your fees directly to the University.

Undergraduate English, Welsh and Northern Irish Students

Undergraduate students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland are liable to pay tuition fees. Details of course fees can be found on our individual course pages.

You must apply for funding directly to:

Please do not delay in applying for funding.
Each year students face problems due to delaying their applications and become liable for some of their tuition fees and restrict payment options.

Your fees will be paid directly to the University by the funding organisation.

Postgraduate Students

If you have been allocated funding under the Postgraduate Students Allowance Scheme, the funding will be paid directly to the University by SAAS.

To find out how to pay the remainder of the fees, or if you have not been allocated funding and are liable to pay all of your fees, visit the self funding students page.

Important Information for All Students

If you are repeating a year of your course you may not be eligible for funding and you are strongly encouraged to check your position with your funding body as quickly as possible.

If the University has not received confirmation of your funding when you enrol you will be invoiced for your tuition fees.

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