Student Loans - SAAS

Student Loans - SAAS

You can apply for a student loan for general living costs while you study.

Awarding Body
Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS)
£4,750 - £5,750
31 March
Quantity of Awards
One application per student per academic year


Depending on your household income you may also be eligible for a bursary.

Loan payments are made on a monthly basis during term-time only.

The maximum non-income assessed loan is £4,750. This means that you can apply for a student loan of up to £4,750 regardless of your household income. The amount available will increase if your household income is less than £34,000 per year.

Support package for dependent students

Household income Bursary Loan Total
£0 to £20,999 £2,000 £5,750 £7,750
£21,000 to £23,999 £1,125 £5,750 £6,875
£24,000 to £33,999 £500 £5.750 £6,250
£34,000 and above £0 £4,750 £4,750


Repayment of your loans will not begin until the April after you complete or otherwise leave your course.

Repayments will only be sought once your income is more than £18,330 a year. If your income drops below this amount repayments stop and will restart when it reaches this level again. Payments will be made through the Inland Revenue and will begin automatically once your income reaches the appropriate level. The amount you have to repay each year will be 9% of your annual income over £18,330, ie the first £18,330 of income will be disregarded and you will repay 9% of your income above that level. 

Repayments which you would make at different income levels
Income each year before TAX  Monthly Repayment
Up to £18,330 NIL
£19,000 £5
£21,000 £20
£25,000 £50
£30,000  £88
£35,000 £125

Interest rates

For further details about repaying your loan and the interest rate:


Eligible Countries of Residence

  • Scotland

Eligible Courses

Course Level

  • Undergraduate

Mode of Attendance

  • On Campus

Mode of Study

  • Full Time

Subject Area

  • All Subjects

Other Requirements

Students on Nursing and Midwifery courses are NOT eligible for SAAS Student Loans.

Applicants must have met the conditions set out by SAAS.

How to Apply

Application should be made directly to Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS), with a conditional or unconditional offer from April onwards.

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