Selection Visits & Interviews


Selection Visits & Interviews

Some of our courses will require a selection interview as well as qualifications before you can be offered a place.

Procedures and dates for selection visits and interviews are being reviewed for courses starting in September 2022. The Student Admissions Service will notify you if this is relevant to your application.

If you have any specific needs please contact as soon as possible so we can provide reasonable adjustments for you to participate fully.

For additional interview hints and tips listen to our latest podcasts:

Whilst our selection visits and interviews provide a lot of information about your particular course, you may also wish to attend one of our on campus or virtual events which will help you to build a bigger picture about RGU as you decide if this is the right university for you. These events give you the opportunity to speak to our wider support services teams such as Finance and Accommodation, alongside teaching staff and current students. They are entirely optional, but we think these are a great chance to gather lots of useful information to help you make the right choice.

Gray's School of Art

If you fulfil the entry requirements for your chosen course, we will ask you to support your application by submitting a portfolio of your work.

Key Dates

  • Completed applications must be with UCAS by 26 Jan (these have recently been adjusted by UCAS)
  • Digital portfolios for entry to year 1 should be submitted by 18 Feb 2022.
  • Digital portfolios for entry to years 2, 3 & 4 should be submitted by 14 Feb 2022.
  • Any virtual conversion events or interviews will be held from early March 2022 onwards.
  • All applicants will be made aware of the result of the process prior to the deadline in early May 2022.
  • You must respond to any offer by the UCAS date at the start of June or you will be withdrawn from the process. 


After staff have viewed and graded your portfolio, we may contact some applicants to arrange an interview. This short interview session is informal in nature and through discussion of your work, we will be able to further contextualise your application. It is always worthwhile practicing talking to somebody about your work before an event like this, to see if you can clearly communicate your thinking. You do not need to over rehearse this, but we would encourage you to do some prep to help you be ready to think on your feet during the discussion on the day.

Application Advice

Download a copy of our latest guidance to help you prepare your portfolio:

School of Applied Social Studies

BA (Hons) Social Work

If you fulfil the entry requirements for this course you will be invited to interview. The selection interviews are a vital component of our process and participation is expected, we do not offer places based on paper applications alone.

Social Work is a challenging and fulfilling profession that requires a balance between academic ability and interpersonal skills. In addition to meeting the academic requirements, we look for applicants who have core values such as non-judgemental attitude, commitment to equality and social justice. We work with you to develop as a resilient and well-informed practitioner on these foundations.

The selection interview will allow you to meet members of the course team and through discussion you can learn much more about the culture and approach we have to teaching and learning. This allows us an opportunity to gain a more complete sense of you, your values and the experiences that you will bring with you to your studies.

It is only after you are offered, and firmly accept a place on the BA (Hons) Social Work course that you are required to register with the Scottish Social Services Council including completing a PVG

School of Health Sciences

All courses within the School of Health Sciences require a selection interview prior to an offer being made. It is vital that you not only meet the academic requirements for your chosen course but that you demonstrate the right personal qualities - a caring nature, a commitment to the profession and a genuine interest in people. Without these personal attributes, you will find your chosen course very challenging. All applicants who have the potential to meet our academic entry criteria will be required to attend (virtually) a selection interview.

Selection interviews are very much a two-way process. We will be finding out more about you as a person and whether you are ideally suited to your chosen career however you will also have the opportunity to find out more about the course you have applied for, meet the teaching team and learn more about our teaching approach.

It is only after you are offered and accept a place on one of our courses that the Disclosure checks required by the Health and Care Professions Council and our placement partners are carried out.

These courses also require you to undergo a medical examination and have specific immunisations prior to course commencement. Information on these is provided prior to the start of the course.

Year 3 Applicants - Applied Sport and Exercise Science & Sport Coaching

You will participate in a group discussion lasting 30 minutes requiring you to review a research article within the group context. Download the research article in advance:

You will also have a short interview with members of staff who will assess your suitability for the course with questions such as ‘why have you applied to study your selected course at RGU?’  The interview will take no more than 10 minutes.

Please note the group discussion and interview will be video recorded for moderation purposes.

You will be allocated an allotted time for your interview, so you there may be a short wait after the group discussion prior to your individual interview. We’ll have some of our current students available to chat as you wait.

School of Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedic Practice

Once you've applied for a course within the School of Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedic Practice and if you fulfil the selection criteria, you will be invited to attend a selection interview.

It is only after you are offered, and firmly accept a place of one of our courses, that the PVG clearance checks, previously an enhanced Disclosure check, required by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the Health and Care Professions Council (for Paramedics) and our placement partners are carried out.

You may also be required to undergo a medical examination prior to starting your course.

School of Pharmacy & Life Sciences

MPharm Pharmacy

All applicants to the MPharm course are required to attend a selection event prior to an offer being made. You will be asked to complete an activity using the Deliberative Practice Network (DPN) to give your views about two healthcare-related scenarios. The scenarios describe a situation followed by some questions. These are either discrete choices or require you to write a little on your thoughts about the case and justifications for your responses.

This activity will then be the focus of a follow-up interview with an academic member of staff from the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences to discuss your responses. During the discussion we will explore your response in more depth, giving you the opportunity to explain your thinking and respond to questions about the principles in the scenarios. There are no completely right or wrong answers to the issues raised in the scenarios. We are interested in how you approach the issues.  We will be looking for responses that demonstrate that you can see more than one side of an argument and that you can justify your position.  You do not need to study anything in preparation and there are no “trick questions”, we just want you to show us how you think about real life.

It is essential that you read the applicant guidance in advance of the selection event to ensure you are able to access the Deliberative Practice Network (DPN) website.

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