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Students' Union Code of Practice

Under Section 22 of the Education Act 1994 the Board of Governors must approve a Code of Practice detailing the steps taken by the University to ensure that it fulfils its obligations pursuant to the Act in relation to the Students’ Union.

The university is required under the provisions of the Education Act (1994) to provide students annually with notice of whether there have been:

  • Any amendments to the Code of Practice relating to the operation of the RGU Students’ Union; and/or
  • Any restrictions imposed on the activities of the Students’ Union as a result of charity law.

In addition the university is required to inform students of the right of freedom of speech in universities and colleges, insofar as it relates to the activities of the Students’ Union.

It should be noted that the Students’ Union is a registered charity and as such is obliged to follow the provisions of charity law and the guidance of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) who publish information on the running of charities on the Office of the Scotland Charity Regulator's website.

Freedom of speech and the freedom of association are rights recognised and enshrined in the Human Rights Act (1998), a copy of the Act is available on the  Government Legislation's website.

The university can confirm that during the 2013/14 academic session no changes were made either to the Code of Practice relating to the operation of the RGU Students’ Union or charity law that would affect the running of the Students’ Union.




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