Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Well


Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Well

We recognise the importance of remaining active and looking after your wellbeing, throughout this lockdown period. Therefore, we have launched a timetable which includes a series of guidance and tools to help you look after your wellbeing whilst staying at home.
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To support our community, RGU SPORT have launched our Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Well timetable.


Our Timetable

We'll regularly post content across our social media channels:


  • Hacks for Home Work or Study 8:00
  • Let's Do This! 18:00


  • Out and About 12:00


  • Stay Centred 12:15
  • Let's Do This! LIVE 16:00


  • Get Moving (Chair-based Exercise) 8:00
  • Let's Do This! LIVE 18:00


  • Stay Informed 8:00
  • Friday Fun 16:00


  • Let's Do This! LIVE 10:30


  • Stretch It Out 10:30

Stay Active at Home

Exercise and Physical activity are essential for both physical and mental wellbeing especially throughout this unpredictable time. Therefore, RGU SPORT alongside the Fit Room have devised workouts and challenges which you can safely do from your home. 

Let’s Do This!

With some help from the wonderful Personal Trainers at the Fit Room this session introduces A range of different exercises and live workouts for you to give a try! It is guaranteed to keep you active!

Join Lynn LIVE every Saturday morning on RGU SPORT Facebook for a guaranteed fun and challenging 30-minute morning workout. 

Workout with our fitness instructors

A range of workouts to get you motivated and active during lockdown. Workouts are suitable for all ability levels. All workouts can be done in a small space and require no equipment. 

Stay Connected with Group Exercise

For many group exercise has become a daily, never mind weekly hobby. This session will be sharing resources and links to make sure you continue to get your GE fix!

Life Fitness Digital Coach

Access new on-demand, at-home workouts every day.

Out and About

Whether you're walking, running or cycling these interactive sessions ask you to share your routes, post your scenery and will challenge you to up your step count.

Get Moving

These Chair based exercise sessions will focus on appropriate exercises to get those with specific health conditions, up and moving!

Stay Well

Your wellbeing is vital throughout this lockdown period. Therefore, our team at RGU SPORT have put together some tips and useful resources to ensure you are staying healthy throughout this time.  

Hacks for Home Work or Study

In this session we will be sharing resources and coming up with top tips and life hacks for keeping you comfortable and focussed while working or studying from home.

Stay Centred

This session will explore and share different options and resources for remaining calm and staying positive through lock down!

Stretch It Out

Whether you are looking to release tension after your daily bout of exercise or looking to reduce muscle tightness during your day this will session will allow you to stretch off and be more comfortable. 

Friday Fun

Even in Lockdown we need some Friday Fun! We will be sharing with you the social media challenges that have gone viral and asking you to give it a go and share how you got on!

Stay Informed

This slot will focus on sharing key resources from other support services across the university, as well as any new government advice and anything else we think would be handy for you to keep up to date with. 


Spotify Playlist

Music can be a great motivator for many tasks and walking, running or cycling is no different! To get you started, RGU SPORT staff have put together our "RGU SPORT Out and About Playlist" on Spotify.

Our playlist is collaborative and we would love for you to add some of your favourites!

Additional Resources

Chair based exercise/older adults/health conditions

Mental health and wellbeing while working from home


Physical health

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