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We offer an extensive range of memberships, as well as promotional memberships throughout the year.

In line with Scottish Government guidance, RGU SPORT will reopen on Monday 26 April 2021.

Memberships can be purchased online or at the reception desk.

COVID-19 Membership Updates

Check your membership status prior to our reopening on 26 April 2021.

Student Memberships

Pro-rata refunds have been issued however if you have not already applied for one please email by 30 May 2021.

Staff Memberships

Annual Staff/ Staff Family Members

The duration of our closure has been added as a pro-rata extension to your membership. We have generated a new expiry date for you. Please talk to a member of staff in the facility when we reopen if you would like to know your expiry date.

Monthly Salary Deduction/ Staff Family Members

Your membership was frozen from 26 December 2020. Pro rata refunds for 26 – 31 December were processed in your January 2021 pay.

The £14.50 per month staff membership offer has been extended until 31 May. Keep an eye out on this page for future updates regarding staff membership prices.

Community Memberships

Annual/Pay as You Go Members

The duration of the closure has been added as a pro-rata extension to your membership. We have generated a new expiry date for you. Please talk to a member of staff in the facility when we reopen if you would like to know your expiry date.

Festive Promotion Members

If your festive promotion was due to expire after 26 December 2020 please contact us directly to arrange your extended access.

Direct Debit Members

Your membership was frozen from 26 December 2020. As you paid for December in full you won’t be charged for facility access for 26 – 30 April.

All direct debit payments will resume from 1 May 2021

What COVID-19 Measures are in place?

If you would like to speak to a member of the RGU SPORT team about our COVID-19 procedures please contact us by email and we can arrange a time to take you through them.

Free Student Membership

At RGU we know how important it is, now more than ever, to live an active lifestyle in order to maintain a healthy body and mind.
To support that students were offered a free membership for term 1, this has been extended and we are now offering free RGU SPORT memberships for term 2.


If you took advantage of the free term one membership, you do not need to do anything as we have extended your membership for term 2 with an end date of 30 May 2021.


If you did not take out the free term 1 membership offer then please follow the steps below to become a member. Thereafter, you will be able to access our free online classes and the facility when we reopen.

  • Follow the Join RGU SPORT Online link
  • If you have had an RGU SPORT gym membership or RGU Sports club membership at any point previously select ‘Existing Member.’ If this is the first time you have had a membership with RGU SPORT select ‘New Student Member’
  • Enter your personal details and click ‘Find Details’
  • ‘Continue to Next Section’
  • Select ‘All RGU SPORT Memberships’
  • Select ‘Student Peak One Term £0.00’
  • Select Update Basket and Continue
  • Follow through PARQ and T&Cs information
  • Follow steps to ensure membership has been processed to your account
  • You will be redirected for a confirmation page and will also receive this to your university email address.

Discounted Staff Memberships

Our health and wellbeing has never been more important and maintaining an active lifestyle is essential in supporting a healthy body and mind. 

To support you with this we are offering all staff a 50% discount on RGU SPORT peak monthly salary deduction membership until 31 May 2021. This reduces the price from £29 to just £14.50 per month. Payments will be deducted directly from your salary, in arrears, at the end of each month. 

To take out your RGU SPORT membership please email

Available Memberships

  • Student - Direct Debit, Term, Annual, Placement
  • Staff - Salary Deduction
  • Alumni - Direct Debit, Annual
  • Community - Direct Debit, Annual, Pay as you go
  • Concession - Direct Debit, Annual, Pay as you go
  • RGU SPORT On Demand

New Memberships

To set up a membership the following information will be required:

  • A form of identification to prove eligibility for membership category - eg Alumni should present a copy of degree certificate
  • An appropriate method of payment - eg Direct Debit memberships can only be purchased with British bank accounts
  • Proof of membership of a previous or current gym membership - eg a membership card, email confirmation, proof of payment

To complete the membership application process  (online or at reception) your picture will be taken for your membership card.

You will also be required to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire as part of registering as a member. If any questions are answered yes, it is essential that you consult your doctor and provide us with a letter stating that they believe you are suitable to become more physically active.

* Please note all direct debit memberships must be set up in person at reception.

Contacts & Documents

If you have any questions, please email us directly at and a member of team will be more than happy to help.  

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