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Practice Learning Teams

Practice Learning

Practice Learning Teams

Find out about the members of our team within Practice Learning

Practice Education Lecturer (PEL)

The School of Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedic Practice developed a strategy to support learning of pre and post registration student nurses and midwives in practice in collaboration with NHS Grampian, NHS Orkney, NHS Shetland, NHS Highland, NHS Tayside and NHS Western Isles, members of the private, voluntary sector and with placement providers at a distance.

Represented within this strategy are staff from the School of Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedic Practice practice education team (practice education lecturers), practice educators, practice education facilitators, mentors, practice teachers, clinical managers and representatives from course teams.

PEL Support for Practice Learning (Session 2019-2020)

The School of Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedic Practice work in partnership with practice colleagues in order to support student learning in practice. Each practice learning environment has a designated Practice Education Lecturer (PEL) who ensures relevant professional regulatory standards are maintained through our quality assurance processes (e.g. audits and PLET meetings). Given the individual requirements of each programme delivered by the School, the model of PEL support differs. Guidance for each programme is therefore detailed.

Practice Education Facilitator (PEF)

The practice education facilitator roles are designed to influence the quality of the clinical learning environment by providing support, educational input and development activities for mentors and students within HNC, pre-registration and post-registration education programmes.

The role aims to enhance the quality of the practice learning experience and positively contribute to the future nursing/midwifery workforce. By enhancing the quality of the learning environment, the education and training needs of health care assistants and of the full range of professional groups may also be addressed.

  • Maximise the number of student nurses and midwives who can be supported within clinical practice areas
  • Ensure that the student experience is of the highest quality and enables the greatest benefit from the individual clinical learning experience
  • Enhance and support the role of the Practice Supervisor and Practice Assessor
  • Ensure support and supervision for staff engaging in CPD/educational programmes which ultimately lead to practice development and improved services for patients and clients

The practice education facilitator will provide support, education and development for Practice Supervisor and Practice Assessor and students from both pre and post registration education programmes, principally in clinical practice areas. This will entail the development and maintenance of a learning environment where both education and lifelong learning are seen as integral to clinical practice. Seen as an experienced practitioner she/he will both lead and facilitate practice education developments (practice learning) to support staff to make the necessary changes in their practice as required by the profession and the service. This role will be subject to annual review.

Practice Learning Education Team (PLET) Meetings

Dates and frequency of meetings will be flexible with a minimum of one meeting each semester.

Each PLET membership will agree the timetable annually.

Dates for the PLET meetings are emailed out in advance.

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