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Practice Based Learning and Workplace Experience

Find out more information on becoming and advancing your skills as a Practice Educator (PE).

Becoming a Practice Educator

Start your PE journey by signing up to the NHS National Learning Programme today where you can find out what you need to know about being and becoming an AHP practice educator.

Once you have completed this programme, we are extremely happy to help with additional bespoke training and support whether that be on an individual or group basis. Get in touch with your Profession contact to discuss.

Learning Opportunities

Webinars & Events

If you would like to register to attend a webinar or event, or if there are any other topics you would like covered, let us know by email:

Course Involvement

We would be delighted to have your input into our courses in the form of interviews, teaching, simulation and more. Please contact your Profession Principal Lecturer to discuss options. 

Site Visits

We offer an annual ‘Site Visit’ to every NHS Board to provide updates and to offer a forum for discussion of learning examples, difficult situations and development of ideas for PrBL opportunities. This can be done virtually or face-to-face dependent on what suits each individual site. If you feel a Site Visit is required, please get in touch with your Profession contact.

NES Information

Find out more about upcoming AHP Practice Educator preparation and development opportunities in Scotland:

Student Led Exercise Groups

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

A Student Led Pulmonary Rehabilitation Exercise Group was set-up in April 2021 by Physiotherapy Lecturer Sara Knight to bridge the gap created by the Covid-19 pandemic. This was originally a virtual class but has now evolved to a hybrid class where participants can attend via zoom or face to face on campus. The class runs most Monday afternoons throughout the year. Please contact for more details.


NES Resources

NES has excellent resources to assist with placement models, which are available for you to use on the TURAS website:

AHP Virtual Community on MS Teams

Join the AHP Virtual Community for the opportunity to receive support, connect and collaborate and find out more about resources available to you.


If you would like to contact your Profession Principal Lecturer or Placement Coordinator, please get in touch with them via email:


Placement Coordinator

Myra Mackenzie

Principal Lecturer

Karen Allan

Diagnostic Radiography

Placement Coordinator

Lesley Leishman

Principal Lecturer

Gareth Haining

Occupational Therapy

Placement Coordinator

Christine Wilson

Principal Lecturer

Elaine Stewart


Placement Coordinator

Laura MacPherson

Principal Lecturer

Paul Moran

for PrBL and Simulation

Principal Lecturer

Julie Mathers


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