Laura Tartarini - MSc International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Laura Tartarini
An Italian postgraduate student swapped the beauty and Mediterranean climes of Bologna for Aberdeen last year having grasped the opportunity of studying overseas.

“I had been wanting to study abroad for a long time and when I found the RGU website I thought it looked like the perfect opportunity for me. The first thing that caught my attention was how relaxing the campus looked surrounded by all that greenery.

“It gave me the impression of being the perfect place to study, improve my knowledge and skills, and cultivate my interests. Furthermore, it seemed like a university that cared about my education and future and that was going to prepare me for the world of work.”

Laura Tartarini had already graduated in Italy, earning a bachelor’s in Linguistic Mediation Science, before heading to the North East to enhance her career in hospitality through a postgraduate degree in International Tourism and Hospitality Management. Despite plenty competition, what was it that attracted her to RGU’s School of Creative and Cultural Business?

“I’ve looked at different courses concerning tourism, both in Italy and the UK, and the one I eventually chose seemed like the most comprehensive. Every single lecture was going to focus on all those topics that I thought were essential to know to be able to work in the tourism industry.

“In two of the courses I attended, every week we had a tutorial where we would discuss and put into practice what we had learned in the previous lecture. This approach has helped me to fully understand the topics and made it easier for me to remember them.”

Key to the success of the 24-year-old’s time at RGU was, like so many other students, the opportunity of a placement during her course. For Laura, she gained vital industry experience at the well-renowned Ardoe House Hotel & Spa.

“This experience was more than I could have hoped for as it taught me so many new things and helped me to put into practice what I had learned during lectures.

“I feel like it has taught me a lot, mainly perseverance and time management. In addition, considering how lectures were structured, it has helped me improve my communication skills and believe more in myself and what I have to say.”

Having now graduated and enhanced her skills and employability prospects, as well as being awarded top student in her course for the entire year, Laura is looking to the future.

“My time at RGU has helped me improve my skills and my lecturers were able to teach me everything I need to know about the tourism industry.

“Even though I fell in love with Aberdeen and its people I decided to go back to my home country, Italy, to be able to stay closer to my family and friends. Here I will hopefully find a job in the hospitality industry and, in a hopefully not-so-distant future, I would like to open a hotel with my sisters.”

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