Karen Micallef - BA (Hons) Social Work

Karen Micallef
Karen Micallef knows when she works across the stage at The Music Hall it marks the realisation of a long-held dream to become a qualified social worker.

The 57-year-old from Alness in the Highlands completed a BA (Hons) Social Work course via distance learning have almost finished a similar course in Malta some years before. 

Karen is proud of her achievement and said she successfully managed to complete her studies while dealing with everyday life.

She said: “My dream to become a qualified social worker came about when I was 25-years-old and never left me. My father had always instilled kind and generous values in me, and I feel that my character fits the job perfectly.

“I am proud of completing the course at my age, Proud of having written my very first dissertation, and proud of not having given up and completed the course. My time at university has flown by and even though things cropped up with family during the course, I still prioritised my studies and found a way to overcome hurdles that came my way, always with my partner Barry’s unwavering support. 

“It was not easy studying, keeping deadlines, two house moves one of which was during my first placement and one during my dissertation, two placements and working at the same time. Of course, Covid happened as well, therefore the cohort missed out on three block weeks and first placement was done mostly remotely. However, I kept going without faltering.”

Karen believes she set a good example to the rest of her family, who will be flying in from Malta to join her at graduation in Aberdeen.

She also feels that age has been no barrier to her completing the course with a placement within a prison proving to be an “unforgettable experience” for her. 

Karen has since secured a position as a social worker with Highland Council and feels, that thanks to the course, she is ready to move into the role.

She said: “I feel fully prepared to take on my new role. I have been taught to always keep updated with ongoing legislation and policy changes, government guidance and relevant research studies. Continuous professional development is a must in this profession and RGU have totally prepared me for that mentality together with heightened reflective practice. My self-confidence and personal and professional development have endlessly improved, and I now feel confident to take on my new role and continue my professional development.”

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