Julie Jones - PhD

Dr Julie Jones at The Music Hall
Dr Julie Jones has completed her PhD and used her main research passion to help the people living with Parkinson’s better deal with it through exercise. Julie was very keen to conduct research in a clinically orientated problem which affects the Parkinson’s community.

Julie, who is Associate Dean for ESCD with RGU’s School of Health Sciences, was able to complete her qualification after being awarded a fellowship which was jointly funded by the Chief Scientist office and Parkinson’s UK. The fellowship supported Julie to complete her research and work clinically within NHS Grampian as a physiotherapist. 

For the last decade Julie’s research has been looking at improving the lives of those with Parkinson’s and she is at the forefront of efforts to highlight the issues around Parkinson’s. As well as her own academic research Julie co-hosts the popular North of Scotland Parkinson’s Research Interest Group podcast, which launched earlier this year with the aim of increasing involvement in research and highlighting the breadth of Parkinson’s research taking place across Scotland.

Julie also Co-Leads the Exercise which is a network of over 500 Exercise professionals who work with Parkinson’s from across the UK and is Co-Lead of the North region of the  Parkinsons Excellence network alongside Dr Zoe Muir, and is involved in several national Parkinson's committees.

Julie said: “Working collaboratively with the Parkinson's community, and hearing the impact that the intervention had on them was superb but also very humbling.  Being awarded the fellowship has opened up other opportunities and has introduced me to the wider Parkinson's community which has supported me to develop collaboration with researcher nationally. 

Recently Dr Jones won the ‘People’s Choice’ award, which was selected by people with Parkinson’s at the Parkinson’s Excellence Network Awards.

She was also part of the winning team for the ‘Community Support’ award, presented to the Exercise Hub, which is a national education and peer support network for professionals, enhancing the community exercise experience for people with Parkinson’s.

Julie added: “I think that completing this PhD has provided me with self-confidence, but also the knowledge and skills to continue and pursue a research career as well as support others in their research journey.”

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