Federico Zampese - MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Federico Zampese
Federico Zampese not only completed his MEng Electrical and Electronics Engineering but managed to navigate through the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as landing a job offer during his second 10-week placement.

The 23-year-old from Italy is working as a Graduate Systems Engineer in Aberdeen and plans to stay in the Granite City for the foreseeable future. 

Federico said he is proud with his academic achievement and is advising any prospective RGU students to get involved with student life at the University after he was class representative for his course. 

He said: “I feel incredibly glad overall. I am very proud of having achieved to get though the course in the expected timeframe and to have learn lots of hands-on stuff and taken part to multiple projects, especially considering that Covid disrupted much of my time at RGU since I was halfway through stage one when Covid first hit in 2019. 

“I would also advise future students to engage with representative roles such as class rep etc. I was a class rep for 3 years and also took on the role of Student School Officer for the School of Engineering during my final year. 

“This not only allowed me to get to know better the university, the services available at RGU, and the staff, but most importantly was very rewarding ad it allowed me to help making the students’ voice heard. Besides, I also worked as an RGU Student Ambassador and volunteered at several open days, supporting applicants making their choices by providing insights into life at RGU and telling my experience as an international student in Aberdeen.”

To help prepare for job interviews, Federico use RGU’s careers and employability centre to help him with his CV as he went about applying for engineering placements. He feels their support and assistance were key in ensuring that he secured a placement following an interview with a company.

Federico also liked the fact that the MEng Electronic and Electric Engineering course is accredited by accredited by the Institution of Technology, which he feels helped his chances of securing a full-time job. 

He said that having accreditation was a “real advantage” when it came to finding employment. 

Federico added: “The fact that many course are accredited may offer a serious advantage compared to other institutions which might have been around for longer but which might not accredited their courses, and since many companies do care about accreditation, this might make it easier to find a job afterwards, which ultimately is what everyone wants.”

“I believe that RGU has helped me learn how to work well with other people and develop excellent practical skills and critical thinking that allowed me to feel at ease when working as a junior engineer among other professionals.”

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