Anna Fyfe - MEng Mechanical and Biomedical Technology

Anna Fyfe
Anna Fyfe has completed MEng Mechanical and Biomedical Technology having never even visited Aberdeen before starting her studies.

The 22-year-old from Ayr enjoyed maths and biology at school but had not thought of adding engineering into the mix before arriving at RGU. Now Anna will walk across the stage at The Music Hall to graduate with distinction. 

Anna is proud of her achievement during her time with RGU and admits while it was “definitely challenging” she is glad to have made it through to the other side. 

She said: “Although university isn’t plain sailing and there were a lot of late nights, I am proud of everything I have managed to achieve. I am so glad I completed a fast-track engineering degree as I gained so much value from it. With meeting some amazing people through my time at university, it made the tough degree all the more worthwhile. 

“I was also a bit apprehensive about moving to Aberdeen as I had never visited the Granite City apart from seeing the university and had no family/friends already there, but I fell in love with Aberdeen/shire and everything it has to offer.”

She felt that the two placements she had on her School of Engineering course were important as they gave her crucial experience which would not be available otherwise. 

A third-year project where Anna and her team produced a 3D printed prosthetic was also highlight of her time at RGU as well as working in the biomedical labs and engineering workshops.

Anna is currently working for RUA Life Sciences which is the company she was on placement with and is planning on some travelling as we move into 2024. 

She added: I was extremely grateful that I was able to complete 2 industrial placements during my degree as it gave me amazing experience which I am not sure I would’ve had the tenacity to secure had it not been for my course, and I ended up working for an amazing company.

“While group work is not always easy, my third-year project was definitely interesting. Although there were many challenges our mechanical prosthetic hand that we 3D printed received an incredible grade in the end. It was fantastic getting to work in a team with the other biomed students, and it was a terrific way to connect.

“I am still working at my placement company on a temporary basis with the Heart Valve team as a Junior Research and Development Engineer, but I plan to go travelling in the new year to Southeast Asia. Although beyond that I do plan to continue working in the medical device industry.” 

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