Tiziana Marras - BA (Hons) Business Management

Tiziana Marras - BA (Hons) Business Management
After moving to Aberdeen in 2014, 51-year-old Tiziana Marras from Genoa in Italy initially had doubts about studying a Business Management Course because English wasn’t her native language. After completing courses to improve her English, Tiziana wanted more and applied to RGU. Within a few weeks of starting, she realised it was one of the best decisions she’d ever made.

Tiziana wanted to go to university to gain a better understanding of her job and to improve her skills at her work, Cutting Underwater Technologies Ltd. After leaving secondary school she gained qualifications in Italy and started working as a draughtsman at TS Tecnospamec in the subsea engineering industry.

She was attracted to the Business Management Course because the topics covered would help her improve her career. The course flexibility also meant she could balance work commitments with part-time study.

“I’m really proud of my achievement. It has been challenging balancing work, family and study but it has always been worthwhile and exciting. I’ve found the teaching at RGU really innovative and up to date. Everyone at the university has been super supportive and helpful.  

“The Student Support Services have been very helpful. I’ve had two meetings with the career office to improve my CV and presentation letter and also attended study skill sessions which have been a big help.”

Now that Tiziana is graduating, she wants to work to the best of her abilities and is keeping an eye out for more learning opportunities.

“My time at RGU has really prepared me for the next step on the career ladder. Last June I was promoted to General Manager and I’m looking forward to building upon the success gained at the Aberdeen Business School.”

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