Steven Robertson – BSc (Hons) IT Management for Business

Steven Robertson
53-year-old Steven Robertson from Aberdeen graduated as a Bachelor of IT Management for Business from Robert Gordon University, becoming part of the first cohort to complete the Graduate Apprenticeship from his alma mater while successfully navigating the impact of the pandemic.

Steven crossed RGU’s graduation stage at the Music Hall in Aberdeen on Wednesday 8 December in front of family, friends, and university staff to accept his BSc (Hons) in IT Management for Business as a graduate of the Scottish University of the Year. 

“It's been a great experience, complemented by the support and commitment from the university tutors and staff that kept me motivated,” said Steven. “I've enjoyed the opportunity to further my experience and skills around my career aspirations.” 

Steven undertook his degree as a Graduate Apprentice, RGU’s industry-driven approach where students work full-time for a partner employer while studying towards their degree - integrating student learning with suitable workplace projects and experience as a collaborative effort between university and employer, while also satisfying the career ambitions of the student. 

Through this combination of workplace learning and programme of education, Steven gained graduate-level expertise in the development and management of secure business software systems and the knowledge to support computing technologies which can be reliably applied to problems in a commercial or industrial context. 

“I was inspired by the flexibility the Graduate Apprenticeship course that RGU university offered, which my employer—Aberdeen City Council—supported,” said Steven. “University was a different way of learning from being at school, and I found the flexibility and continued support key to the success I achieved.” 

Like all recent higher-education learners, Steven’s studies were impacted by the continued presence of the global coronavirus pandemic, forcing students across the nation to adapt and grow in new and challenging ways. 

Steven adds: “I think the pandemic put significant challenges on us as students, but the university adapted its learning patterns to suit, and that gave students assurances and comfort as part of their study and attainment. I have the qualification now, so I would say the opportunities are endless. 

“There were good times and fun with other students online - and there were challenging times—but I will say that the support I received from the staff and lecturers was fabulous. I take my hat off to them.” 

Steven will return to RGU, in partnership with his current employer, to further his studies as a Graduate Apprentice studying toward a master’s in Cyber Security. 

"As a mature student, I decided to utilise the Graduate Apprenticeship scheme as a means of doing the degree in a flexible way, which helped me to manage my work, study, and family-life balance.” said Steven. “And, I would encourage anyone to do the same.”

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