Calum Grant - MSc Digital Marketing

Calum Grant - MSc Digital Marketing
An ambitious and resilient student who, as a freshman, found university challenging and was set on dropping out, decides to return to RGU amid a global pandemic to achieve a master’s degree.

Calum Grant, from Nairn, is feeling thankful to have pushed outside his comfort zone and persevered as he graduates from MSc Digital Marketing, making it the second degree he earned since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

“Choosing to stay at RGU has turned out to be the most significant decision I have ever made. I was never really sure of what I wanted to be but having studied a course which offered such varied modules, I discovered a career path.”

“During my first few months as a student, I travelled back home a lot. I was nervous and anxious that I wasn't doing the right thing and torn between sticking at it or dropping out for weeks. I had even landed on the decision to drop out, but after talking with my parents and friends and changing my course to something slightly more suited to me, I realised what a great opportunity it was.”

The 23-year-old, who successfully graduated with a 2:1 in Digital Media in 2020, is also celebrating starting his first professional role as a Marketing Assistant. He credits RGU for providing key professional skills to help him succeed in the workplace: “My time at RGU, and especially my Digital Marketing postgraduate, has prepared me to take the next step in life. Landing my first role so soon after finishing my studies is proof of how well RGU can aid in your career plans.

“RGU provided me with a fantastic placement opportunity which was imperative to obtaining this role. I found the experience quite challenging, but it taught me to balance projects, deal with pressure and become more organised. I feel that my postgraduate has enhanced a vast amount of my skills and abilities in a short space of time.”

Calum also appreciates the support and mentorship he received from academics at the School of Creative and Cultural Business. “The lecturers and supervisors were the highlights of the course. They were helpful and supportive throughout, and I believe this bettered my experience substantially. Each one had extensive knowledge in their field and were always happy to share past experiences to guide us through our work. I can't thank them enough for their help.”

Reflecting on his time at university, he added: “The years I have spent here have moulded me into the person I am today, not just with the academic aspects but the independence and maturity that comes with living away from home. I am confident that I wouldn't be the same person without having spent the last five years at RGU.”

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