Rob Budgen - BEng Mechanical Engineering

Rob Budgen
Rob Budgen left school at 14 with no qualifications but decided to pursue a degree to broaden his career opportunities.

Rob (23), moved to Aberdeen to go to college, “After obtaining my NC full time in Mechanical Engineering, I obtained a HND part time through my employer, which provided me with the ability to pursue a degree qualification at RGU. I was working full time throughout my degree so the main appeal of the BEng course was the flexibility of its content and staged delivery. I had also heard from previous graduates that the course was interesting and suitable for part-time study if you were up for a challenge.”

Rob is proud of his degree and his time at RGU, “I’m proud to have achieved the degree despite the challenges of part-time education and the unique difficulties everyone has had to overcome during the recent pandemic. After leaving school early, graduating with a degree seemed far out of my reach, so finally getting here is a major achievement for me.”

He is grateful for the support he has received from the university and appreciates the university’s efforts to ensure a smooth transition from campus study to entirely online.

“I found my maths lecturer Dr Garry Brindley extremely helpful in his teaching and support throughout a challenging module. For most of the evening classes, all the lecturers and tutorials were recorded and accessible on Moodle, which was ideal if you were unable to make it or wanted to revisit a subject. When the country went into lockdown, and the future of our studies looked uncertain for us, the university quickly made all lectures available online. RGU also gave the students extensions on any immediate coursework and deadlines and adapted the exam process so that our finishing dates wouldn’t be held up or postponed. This was a big relief for us as we didn’t want to have to suspend our studies halfway through the year.”

Armed with his Mechanical Engineering degree, Rob looks forward to continuing in his design engineer role at Fugro, “My degree will help me further down the line if I want to pursue further education or chartership, but for now I am looking forward to a break from study where I can concentrate on further developing myself in my job.”

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