Marisa Shaw - BA (Hons) Law and Management

Marisa Shaw - BA (Hons) Law and Management
Marisa Shaw wasn’t sure if she wanted to study law or business at university, but RGU provided her with the opportunity to do both.

The 22-year-old, from Dundee, took to the stage at The Music Hall in Aberdeen to collect her Law and Management degree from RGU’s Law School on Tuesday December 10, at 2.30pm.

Marisa said the flexibility to do law and management together was what attracted her to RGU.

“The options that the course offer are diverse and interesting and you can tailor these decisions to suit what you want to study,” she said. “During my course, I have been able to rise to challenges presented to me and be adaptable to both law and management.”

University hasn’t just provided Marisa with a degree however, as she says she has built up her confidence.

She added: “I have worked on my interpersonal skills when working with other students, and my communication skills as well. I have also built up confidence with public speaking and working with academic staff through meetings and volunteering as a year rep for my course.”

Marisa isn’t finished with RGU just yet as she has now transferred to study the LLB law course and hopes to practice law in the future.

“After completing my Law and Management degree, I decided that I want to go down the route of law and have transferred to LLB Law which is a great opportunity that RGU offers,” she said.

“I eventually hope complete my diploma in legal practice at RGU.

“RGU has given me the confidence and knowledge to go on with my LLB before going on to practice.

“The university offers fantastic opportunities with events such as the annual Law Fair, where I was able to meet people from firms and get advice on traineeships and a career in the legal sector.”

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