Kerry Beagrie - BSc Midwifery

Kerry Beagrie at Summer Graduation 2024
33-year-old Kerry Beagrie, from Fraserburgh, is the first in her family to go to university having initially undertaken an HNC in Early Education and Childcare before working as a nursery teacher following leaving school.

Kerry experienced first-hand the invaluable support she’d received during her own childbirth which prompted the prospects of studying midwifery, something she hadn’t considered prior to having children.

“I believed that I would make a compassionate, empathetic and caring midwife and that the world could always benefit from more of them.

“I wanted to make a difference for women and families by ensuring that their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey was as special as it should be.”

As a mature student, Kerry met all the entry requirements apart from science and so decided to go back to her former school at Fraserburgh Academy to obtain National 5 and Higher biology.

When she received the acceptance letter to study at RGU, she was over the moon.

“It was a stepping stone to achieving my dream. I couldn’t believe I’d been given this opportunity and was really excited to be embarking on a new career as a midwife.”

With a busy home life, Kerry decided to use the alternative placement route throughout her studies to give her more flexibility and longer summer holidays to fit around her family.

“The midwifery course was really flexible and family friendly as it offered breaks within placement time. I took the alternative route through my course which meant I got five weeks extra off over the summer holidays with my children each year. I then made up the 15-weeks at the end of the course.

“I started my course bang in the middle of the pandemic. Having lectures online over the three years was actually a blessing in disguise for me, as it allowed me to be at home for my children and not have the 50 miles commute every day.”

Now that Kerry is graduating, she feels immensely proud of her achievements.

“I have loved my three years at RGU and also my placements in NHS Grampian. I’ve had such a positive experience and am very proud to have achieved my degree with distinction.

“Having two children alongside university, essays, assessments and full-time placement has been intense. I’m glad I had that downtime with my family to enjoy those summers together because of the flexibility of the midwifery course as you don’t get that time back. 

“I don’t think I could have achieved my degree without the support of my children’s dad and his mum. My mother-in-law pretty much had my children move in when their dad was away at sea, and I was on full-time placement.”

Now that Kerry is graduating, she’s already started her first job with NHS Grampian.

“I’m looking forward to embracing new learning opportunities as I work round my rotations although I think that the Labour Ward will always have my heart.

“RGU has really prepared me for my next steps and opened up a whole new career. The maternity course teaches you that maternity care should be person-centred and provide holistic care for families. I hope to have this at the forefront of my mind whilst I navigate through my career.

“I would encourage anyone considering midwifery to go for it. It’s the best job in the world. I would also like to reassure current students that you’ll be fine, the real learning continues in your blues.”

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