Allegra Santoro - BSc (Hons) Computer Science

Allegra Santoro graduating at P&J Live
When Allegra Santoro walks across the stage at P&J Live it marks the successful completion of a BSc (Hons) Computer Science with first class honours.

The 22-year-old, who is originally from Rome, plans to continue her higher education having established her interest in all things digital while playing a well-known computer game.

Allegra said: “As many other programmers in the industry, my curiosity towards Computer Science stemmed from playing video games. I experimented with mods and custom content for games like The Sims and found it very entertaining. Programming also resonated with me because of my passion for puzzles and logical challenges.

“Another major factor was the wide range of opportunities the field offers. As programmers are needed in many different industries, this course allowed me the flexibility of choosing between a wide range of companies and sectors. I am very proud of my time at RGU and my academic achievements.”

Allegra enjoyed the RGUHack, the annual event that challenges students to come up with their own improvised solutions known as hacks to different problems. Furthermore, the opportunity to take up a placement with one of the world’s top payment card service company was another bonus as she was able to gather 12 months of vital industry experience.

She said: “One of the highlights of my course at RGU was the opportunity to participate in a placement year. My time at Visa working professionally on a large codebase with teams from around the world provided invaluable experience and significantly helped me grow as a tester and a developer. Another moment in my academic years that stands out was participating in hackathons. Spending 24 hours straight coding and designing projects with friends were fun experiences that taught me a lot.

“I believe RGU excels at providing students with practical knowledge in the field. We experience various technologies and platforms through different modules, most of which include practical coursework. This hands-on approach has helped me integrate smoothly into a real software development work environment during my placement and will undoubtedly further aid me once I complete my studies.”

The BSc (Hons) Computer Science helps boost skills in a range of areas like data science, artificial intelligence, cyber security, creative design, or games design to ensure they align with a student’s chosen career.

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