Rebekah Singer - BSc (Hons) Sport Coaching

Rebekah Singer
With a love of netball Rebekah Singer knows that when she graduates at P&J Live it is the culmination of a journey that started at school.

The 21-year-old from Aberdeen has always enjoyed sport and started coaching while she was a pupil at Dyce Academy and will receive a BSc (Hons) Sport Coaching following her studies at RGU.

Rebekah studied HND Coaching and Developing Sport for two years after leaving secondary education before coming to Garthdee for third and fourth year to complete her degree.

She leaves RGU with second class honours degree and is pleased with the result as this was what she aimed for and is proud of.  Rebekah also liked the way the course was delivered by staff from the School of Health Sciences as it was not purely delivered in traditional lecture theatres.

Rebekah said: “The main attraction for me was the way in which the course is delivered, with lots of opportunities to apply learning in practical settings and no time sat in lecture halls with large groups of students. The course modules also covered a wide variety of topic areas and choice within assessment case studies meant that you could make them specific to your areas of interest or experience within sport.

“I feel really proud of what I have achieved in my time at RGU, I have been able to obtain the classification of degree I was hoping for. The lectures on the course were all incredibly supportive with matters relating to the course but also with anything we engaged out with our studies.”

During her course, Rebekah had the opportunity to return to her old school and work with the physical education department as well as go back to Active Schools Aberdeen, which is where she got her first job. 

She points to these placement opportunities in third and fourth year as real highlights of her time at RGU and feels these contributed to her learning as well as build crucial skills to carry forward.

Rebekah said: “A key highlight of the course was the opportunities to go on placements in both third and fourth year. In third year, I had the opportunity to go into my old secondary school and work within their PE department for a six-week block which allowed me to apply coaching theories in practice as well as development professional skills within a new environment.

“In fourth year, I undertook a 180-hour placement within Active Schools Aberdeen where I had the opportunity to engage with a variety of different projects including a tennis leadership programme with the aim of increasing female participation in primary schools and delivering activity sessions for children with Additional Support Needs. The support provided by both the university and placement providers made both experiences meaningful and both have given me hands on experience which helped me to develop skills essential for continuing along my chosen career path.”

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