Katie Grundy - MSc Drilling and Well Engineering

Katie Grundy
Having already built-up experience in the energy sector as an analyst, Katie Grundy wanted to move into a different area and has managed to do this after successfully complete the MSc Drilling and Engineering course at RGU.

Katie was unfortunately unable to attend her graduation ceremony in person, as she is currently supporting well abandonment operations in the Southern North Sea. Katie said, however, that she has no regrets about skipping her graduation in favour of her offshore rotation.

She said: "Since completing my thesis I've been working as an offshore well engineer, and I've been loving every minute of it. Having extensively studied the theoretical aspects of well engineering during my MSc, it's fantastic to get the opportunity to put the theory into practice at the wellsite."

Katie went on to explain how the Drilling and Well Engineering MSc prepared her for her role as an offshore well engineer.

She said: "I've really appreciated the fact that many of the lecturers on the MSc were industry professionals and many of the coursework assignments were based on real-world case studies. Whereas my previous degrees focussed more heavily on academic research skills, RGU's Drilling and Well Engineering MSc has equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary for a career in the industry."

When asked about her experience of studying and working in a male-dominated field, Katie highlighted the role that universities can play in ensuring the industry is inclusive.

Katie said: "I've taken an unconventional route into well engineering, having started out my career as an ecologist and then joined the oil and gas industry as a data analyst. Being able to enrol on the Drilling and Well Engineering MSc without having an undergraduate degree in engineering and being able to fit my part-time and online studies around my day job, has been instrumental in allowing me to transition into well engineering. By being flexible in their admissions policy and modes of study, RGU is opening up engineering careers to diverse talent.”

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