Agata Clark - Diploma in Professional Legal Practice

Agata Clark
With a dream to pursue a career in the legal industry, Agata says she is extremely proud to be graduating with a Distinction in a Diploma in Professional Legal Practice (DPLP) which has given her the skills and confidence to hit the ground running as a trainee solicitor.

Upon leaving Ellon Academy, Agata studied an undergraduate LLB Honours before studying a Diploma in Professional Legal Practice (DPLP) at RGU.

The 23-year-old, from Ellon had heard great things about the course and was impressed by the University’s reputation. This convinced her that RGU was the perfect place for her.

After five years, Agata says she is extremely pleased to have attained a Distinction in the DPLP. She is now pursuing a legal career as a Trainee Solicitor at the Aberdeen law firm, James & George Collie and started a legal traineeship in early June.

Describing her experience at RGU, Agata said: “I feel very fortunate to have met the people I have at RGU. Whilst at Secondary School, I’d always dreamed of pursuing a career in the legal industry.

“I believe RGU has given me this opportunity and provided me with the professional skills I need to achieve this. On a personal level, I feel very fortunate to have met the people I have. I really do believe I’ve made friends for life.”

Throughout her Diploma, Agata was taught by practising solicitors in most of her modules and learnt skills to ensure she was ready for the working environment.

“The course really prepared me for my career. Everything I learned; I am now applying in my full-time job as a Trainee Solicitor. I have hit the ground running in a sense.

“My tutors were great and due to the small numbers of students per class, I feel that we all had an equal chance to participate, ask questions and discuss many issues. I was fortunate to attend campus for my classes, which helped my concentration and focus.

"RGU has helped me in every way you can imagine, it taught me professionalism and what to expect in the real legal world. I now know the ins and outs of a solicitor's day-to-day, and how to react to certain issues which may arise.”

Looking ahead, Agata says her goal for the future is to go back to education and complete a dual-qualification in English law.

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