Max Wilson - BSc Architecture

Max Wilson
A talented architecture student from RGU’s Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment is already planning his return to university as he celebrates his graduation.

Max Wilson from Lhanbryde near Elgin, always had an eye for design and felt that, after secondary school, pursuing a course which would allow him to play to his strengths was an ideal choice.

“I decided to go to university because I wanted to experience further education and I felt that I was not finished yet,” Max commented.

“I always enjoyed designing and architecture appeared as a strong mix of creative and practical work. When it came to secondary school any activity involving design I really liked. Personally, I find there is great satisfaction in design.”

Max picked up his BSc Architecture from RGU and was one of the many graduating students who were given a virtual graduation ceremony, due to the pandemic.

“The last few months of university has certainly been different because of the pandemic, but I found that it has also been great to experience a different style of working through online studio sessions.    

“At the end of the course we were also given the opportunity to enter a design competition outwith university for the Grampian Housing Association. This was a great learning experience and an opportunity to use it as an additional project for our portfolio.”

Max looks back happily on his time at RGU and the opportunities to travel with his course mates.

“For me there have been several highlights from the course. The study trips have always been great, we went to Rome and Venice which was something I’m glad that I have experienced, particularly when your focus is on the architecture.

“Our third-year study trip was a different type of trip where we were designing and building furniture for real clients in Scotland and it was perhaps the most rewarding study trip we had.”

As Max looks forward to the future and a career in architecture, he also has plans to return to RGU to complete his Master’s in 2021.

“I am delighted that I have come away with the degree but I am also going to miss it. It has been tough but really enjoyable and I’m certainly excited to come back to study Master’s. There’s not much comparable to the architectural studio that I have ever experienced.

“I definitely think RGU has prepared me for going out into practice, everything has been practical and useful. I feel confident going out to look for work with everything that I have learned.”

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