Craig Pirie - BSc (Hons) Computing - Application Software Development

Craig Pirie
Naturally gifted with computers, Craig Pirie abandoned his plans to study chemical engineering to come to School of Computing.

Craig, who studied at Alford Academy joined RGU through the Degree Link route after studying computing science and software development for two years at North East Scotland College. “From a young age I was drawn to geekiness and technology and I attempted to teach myself to code, rather unsuccessfully. When I realised there were courses to learn more about computing science and how good I was at the subject, I decided to go for it.” 

“Never did I anticipate on leaving school that I would achieve as much as I did at university. I am proud to have achieved first class honours in my degree and to have won multiple awards throughout university and to have been nominated for the ScotlandIS Young Software Engineer of the Year award.”

Like other students in his year, 2020 has been a challenge with the pandemic disrupting normal mode of study. But Craig saw value in working closely with the university staff to get as much support as possible.

“Make use of university staff to their fullest – they are there to help and will be happy to do so. There is no such thing as a stupid question really and you cannot get help if you do not ask.”

He also has advice for the incoming freshers who will have a combination of on campus teaching and digital learning. “COVID-19 has forced us as students to better understand ourselves and what works best to optimise the study-at-home environment. If you can figure out early what works best for you, set goals and work hard at your studies, then you will achieve what you set out to do.”

He also has specific advice to help students in computing science, “Make friends and don’t be afraid to speak to people. We as computing scientists are  introverted and often fear social encounters but try to avoid this. Your time at university will go by quicker and be far more enjoyable if you make friends and you will find it a lot easier having the support of your peers to exchange notes and ideas with and work on coursework alongside. Join university societies, make year/group Facebook chats or go to some of the events the RGU Computing Society host. I am confident that without my social circle at university I would not have achieved as much as I have.”

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