Honorary - Jo Macsween, Doctor of Business Administration

Honorary - Jo Macsween, Doctor of Business Administration
The former Managing Director of Macsween of Edinburgh, and the driving force behind the company’s evolution from retail butcher to award-winning international haggis brand, has been further recognised with an honorary degree from Robert Gordon University (RGU) on Tuesday 9 July.

Jo Macsween will be accepting her honorary Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in His Majesty’s Theatre, given in celebration of her exceptional contribution to business and the food industry.

Having led Macsween through a period of considerable growth and organisational change, Jo is highly experienced in marketing, sales, business development, human resources and finance. This experience was recognised in 2015 by the Institute of Directors Scotland with the ‘Female Director of the Year’ award, and by Scotland Food and Drink with an award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Food Industry’.

Jo left Macsween at the beginning of 2017 to become a Group Chair for Vistage, the world’s leading executive advisory organisation that provides coaching, peer support and a unique combination of resources for accelerating business performance. She had previously been a Vistage group member for seven years during her tenure at Macsween, finding the experience fundamentally business and life-changing.

RGU Principal, Professor John Harper said: “Jo is an experienced, insightful and enthusiastic leader who enjoys working creatively with others and she’s not afraid to challenge entrenched thinking. She inspires other leaders to shine and that has a ripple effect on businesses, families, communities and the wider economy.

“She is an inspiration for all of our business graduates.”

Jo understands the gritty realities of running an SME alongside the complexities of the family business dynamic. She has successfully championed stronger corporate governance and encouraged her family to establish a succession plan that ensured a smooth transition to the next generation.

Jo is a member of the UK Government’s Scottish Business Taskforce and an ambassador for Women’s Enterprise Scotland.

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