Evie Grains, International Business Management

Evie Grains, International Business Management
Evie’s time at RGU led her to experience life away from the Shetland Islands, as well as in another country.

Evie came to Aberdeen from the Shetland Islands to experience life away from home and gain independence – which then led her to study in Denmark for a term.

Evie Grains, graduated with a First Class Honours degree in International Business Management at a ceremony at His Majesty’s Theatre on Tuesday, July 9 at 2.30pm, said it’s an achievement she never thought possible when applying for university at school.

 The 21-year-old said she decided to go to university as she wanted a career in business, but also to experience life away from home.

“I decided to go to RGU as I wanted a career in business, which required a higher level of qualification. My key considerations in choosing the course was high employability prospects, and the opportunity to go on study abroad or go on placement,” she said.

Evie grasped the opportunity to study abroad with two hands and spent a term in Denmark studying Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Business Academy Aarhus.

She said: “This opportunity allowed me to experience life in another country and make new friends from across the world but also bring back skills which I will use in my career, such as gaining independence and having a broader mindset but also to think globally.

“This will be invaluable for showing employers I can work under pressure, the ability to work out of my comfort zone and be adaptable to new ways of learning and working.

“I had amazing support from course leaders and the international office, who really showed care for me and offered support at times I was struggling while away on study abroad.”

Evie continued: “I am very proud of gaining a first class honours degree - an achievement I never thought possible when I was applying for university at school.

“The course taught a range of modules from Human Resources to Accounting and Marketing to Economics which was hugely beneficial to me in deciding what path of business to progress into while also teaching career development and transferable skills such as team working, time management and leadership.

“The degree does not solely focus on success whilst at university but prepares students for life after RGU in employability, skills and knowledge.”

Evie is now looking into studying a part-time online Masters degree at RGU, which will allow her to gain a CIPD accredited qualification in Human Resources while working in human resources or recruitment to gain work experience.

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