Elaine Hamilton, Accounting and Finance

Elaine Hamilton, Accounting and Finance
Mum Elaine didn’t give up and is celebrating achieving honours degree.

Mum-of-one Elaine Hamilton didn’t let anything get in the way of achieving her Accounting and Finance degree from RGU.

Elaine Hamilton from Aberdeen took to the stage full of pride at His Majesty’s Theatre on Tuesday, July 9 to collect her degree, which she was determined to achieve while battling depression and being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

The 36-year-old was also balancing her studies with being a mother to her son with ADHD and running a household but “managed to dig in and not give up” and achieve her honours degree.

Elaine has always aspired to be a chartered accountant and straight after school, she joined HMRC where she worked as a team leader for ten years but after having her son, Elaine relocated to Aberdeen from Wishaw and attended NESCol to study an HND in Accounting.

She said: “After ten years with the HMRC, I decided to dip my toe in the water by going to college as I had always aspired to be an accountant and I wanted to make sure that it was the career for me.

“After college I decided to finish what I had started and RGU was the obvious choice for me as the career prospects were better so through the Degree Link I joined the accounting and finance course.

“It was difficult returning to education in my thirties and it was daunting, however the support I got from lecturers was amazing. I had a hard time at university and after battling with depression and anxiety following the birth of my son, I was finally diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder while sitting my exams during my last year.

“It was very difficult going through exams with my bipolar as I was trying to adjust to my medication while studying for exams at the same time, while juggling life as a mum.

“That’s why I am so proud that I managed to dig in and not give up and I finally have my honours degree!”

Elaine said she did feel like giving up at some points while battling with her mental health.

“I almost gave up on studying while battling with my mental health but I am so glad I stuck in and got my degree,” she said. “RGU was very supportive with my illness and allowed me to finish my exams later so I was able to work and study at the same time to finish off two outstanding exams I had to do before I could graduate and finally I get to graduate with an honours degree in Accounting and Finance. I am very grateful for the knowledge and support I received during my time at RGU.”

Elaine secured a job before she finished her course and has been a financial controller at Kirkhill Auto Services in Dyce since July 2018.

She added: “My time at RGU has helped tremendously as I was able to obtain employment before I graduated. The course has taught me everything I need for my job so it was easy to go from learning at RGU to putting everything I learned into practice at Kirkhill Auto Services.”

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