Bethany Carstairs, Pharmacy

Bethany Carstairs
Experience in a pharmaceutical environment gave Bethany Carstairs from Keith the focus to excel in her studies, enter university life and graduate with a Master’s degree in Pharmacy from Robert Gordon University (RGU).

Bethany realised her passion for the subject while working Saturdays in a local pharmacy during her high school years.

“I loved the job and learning about the profession,” said Bethany. “It made me realise that I wanted a career in pharmacy – which meant going to university. I was determined and worked extra hard to achieve the results required to enter the course.

“For studying pharmacy in Scotland, there are only the two universities. I went to RGU’s open day and after having a tour of the university and speaking to those who were studying pharmacy at the time, I made the decision that RGU was right for me. I had a passion for pharmacy, and I was excited to start my new journey at university.”

Enjoying her time at RGU, making friends of her peers and furthering her exposure to pharmaceutical settings, Bethany has made the most of her time at university.

Bethany said: “Throughout my four years at RGU, I’ve had lots of opportunities to go on placement to community and hospital pharmacies. In my fourth year, I went to St Andrews to take part in a ward simulation. I took on the role of Responsible Pharmacist, which gave me the chance to put the knowledge I gained at university into practice.”

The educational opportunities and support that Bethany welcomed from RGU have prepared her for the next steps in her pharmacy career.

“All of the staff I’ve met from RGU have been extremely helpful,” said Bethany. “In my final year, I undertook my research project and both the project leaders and pharmacy staff helped me over any hurdles I experienced. I cannot thank them enough for their support and guidance.”

Since graduating at His Majesty’s Theatre on Thursday 11 July, Bethany is looking forward to taking on her Pharmacist pre-registration training at an independent pharmacy in Buckie.

Bethany adds: “With a few more examinations, I will be fully qualified next year.”

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