Money Matters

Money Matters

You might have a lot of questions relating to money. Find some of the answers here.

Money is a big concern for many students. You should ensure that your funding is in place before you enrol.

Undergraduate Scottish and EU Students are not liable to pay fees and should apply to SAAS for funding. You can also apply to SAAS for a loan.

Undergraduate students from Wales, England and Northern Ireland should apply to their Local Education Authority or Education and Library Board for funding. You can also apply to these for student loans.

A limited number of partially funded places on postgraduate are available. These are funded through the Postgraduate Students Allowance Scheme run by SAAS.

Full information on paying for your studies can be found at our Finance & Funding pages.

Find out about:

  • Finance & Funding - Find out more about funding options, including scholarships.
  • Council Tax- You need to be aware of the Council Tax rules.
  • Part Time Work - A part time job can help to support you during your studies.
  • National Insurance - You must have a National Insurance number to work in the UK.

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