Forensic Imaging Laboratory

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Forensic Imaging Laboratory

Our Forensic Imaging Laboratory provides you with all the instrumentation to undertake a wide selection of forensic analysis and ensures you gain hands-on experience.

The modern facility enables you to analyse a wide selection of trace evidence samples using comparison macro and microscopes, FTIR microscopy, glass refractive index analysis and many more. You will analyse samples taken from various evidence types including clothing, weapons and fingerprints.

The instrumentation available in this laboratory includes:

  • Scanning electron microscopy – energy dispersive x-ray analysis ( SEM-EDXA)
  • Comparison microscopy
  • Comparison macroscope (ballistics)
  • Microspectrophotometry (MSP)
  • FTIR microscopy and glass refractive index measurements (GRIM)
  • Electrostatic detection apparatus (ESDA)
  • Fingerprint comparators and superglue fuming chamber
  • Photography
  • Video Spectral Comparator (VSC)

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