Offshore Platform Model

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Offshore Platform Model

There are a number of Offshore and Subsea Models that have been loaned to the School of Engineering.

These accurate models reveal the complexity of the platforms and enable you to discuss the various projects from different perspectives. They also reduce the expensive drafting and orthographic plans.

The first model, a reproduction of the Dunbar Platform, is located outside the School of Engineering itself.

The second is of the Alwyn North and consists of 2 Platforms - NAA and NAB - with a steel bridge linking the two. This model is located in the Refectory of the Sir Ian Wood Building.

A smaller model of the Linnhe Subsea Development Block 9/13d, is located within RGU’s state-of-the-art simulator and training facility, DART. This shows the two production wells and one water injection well.

The models are used extensively within the School of Engineering as valuable teaching aids to facilitate your understanding of the design and structural fabrication, pumps and piping systems and valves and flow-lines that make up an operational platform.

If you are studying an Engineering subject, you may refer back to these models to achieve a better understanding of the interaction between various systems.

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