Model-making Workshop

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Model-making Workshop

In support of model-making, Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment has a dedicated professional standard workshop with facilities that provide analogue and digital tools including CNC and Laser cutting machines.

A state of the art workshop, equipped with the latest computer controlled model making tools, as well as a large selection of traditional tools. Overseen by expert technicians, students can use traditional hand tools and power tools, and have access to digital fabrication technology.

Within the workshop, you will find a bandsaw, various sanding machines, a pillar drill, table saw, mitre saw, a planer thicknesser and a hot wire cutter. In the construction area there are two large workbenches that allow the construction of even the biggest models; tools are all within easy reach and advice is always available when needed.

For digital fabrication we have laser cutters, a vacuum forming machine, CNC router and also a CNC milling machine for precision machining on a smaller scale.

Terrain models, structural models and furniture can all be produced in the workshop with a wide variety of different materials.

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