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Account & Password

Your RGU username and password will let you log in to computers on campus, plus MyApps, the VLE (Moodle), Sharepoint (RGyoU), Wi-Fi (eduroam), email and much more, depending on your status.

RGU Students

Returning RGU Students

Returning students should login using the password that you previously used for accessing Moodle, computers on campus, Wi-Fi and RGU email.

If you cannot remember your password, contact the helpdesk.

New Students

Once your place at the University is confirmed you are sent a letter or an email which confirms your personal Userid and initial password. 

Your initial password is temporary and you must first login to the RGU. Setup your ‘Questions and Answers Profile’ then change your temporary password to a new secure one before you’ll be able to log into other RGU services such as RGyoU, Moodle, wifi or email.

After you have changed your password you should be able to access information about starting your course.

If you have any issues, contact the Helpdesk.

Forgotten Passwords

You can change your RGU password at any time using the ‘Forgot My Password’ option in the Password Management tool.

Problems logging in

Have you checked the information in all of the options provided on this page?

Does this help to resolve your problem? If not the IT Helpdesk can assist and prefer you contact them via the IT Service Desk Portal. The more info you can provide the quicker the Helpdesk can validate you and issue a new password. If you suspect that one of your accounts or passwords has been compromised then you must report this to the IT Helpdesk.

Visitor to RGU

Visitors to RGU are unable to logon to computers on campus or other RGU services.

The IT Help Desk does not issue temporary accounts.

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