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Policies, Procedures & Guidance

Student Placement

One key expectation of students within higher education is to be equipped to be successful in the transition to employment at the end of their studies. This is a key focus of Robert Gordon University and something it is celebrated for.

One method of realising this is to develop confidence in our students through application of their learning and maturation.

Opportunities to do this include undertaking a part of their educational programme at an alternative educational institution or completing a workplace placement. Some educational programmes make workplace placements a mandatory element of their educational programmes, specifically in the health programmes.

Our principles and procedure document was created to support RGU practice in line with the USHA Guidance on health and Safety of Placements. It outlines a series of principles and a high-level procedure that should be used by all Schools and Departments who provide RGU students with opportunities to either study abroad or undertake work placements.

All except those who provide work placements within the National Health Service (NHS). This is due to these placements and associated procedures being legally bound. This is not to say they cannot use this to guide their principles and procedures though cannot be considered mandatory for them.

These principles are developed to provide a structure for all schools and supportive departments to ensure the health and safety of these students is provided so far as is reasonably practicable.

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