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Lone Working & Out of Hours

Some activities require our staff to work outside of 'core' hours, when they are the only person in the building or during hours that buildings are closed. Read more about the procedures and policies around these activities.

The Lone Working and Out of Hours Access policy covers the categories of exclusion from the policy and provides specific lone working and out of hours procedures to enable the implementation of the policy’s requirement.

The policy and procedures have been designed to separate the time of day from the activity being undertaken. This approach defines 3 separate times of day:

  • Core hours (buildings open and fully staffed)
  • Non-core hours (buildings open but with reduced staffing) and
  • Buildings closed

Separating “Non-core hours” allows staffing available to provide first aid, fire steward and fire evacuation cover.

The policy and procedure documents are not currently accessible. This will be rectified shortly during the next review. If you need further information about the Lone Working and Out of Hours Access Policy, or if you need the documents in an alternative format, please contact

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