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Gray’s Student Projects

At Gray’s School of Art, our students gain valuable professional skills through project work and interaction with industry.

For student projects relating to Gray's Degree Shows, visit our dedicated Degree Show webpages.

Paul Nicol

‘The Traveller’, explores the concept of a fictional traveller from the future who has returned to the current time to observe, document and learn from humanity at this time when we are on the cusp of change regarding how we treat the planet.

Lesley Dyker work

The aim of this project was to design a piece of jewellery that tells a story through design using casting processes.

Chiara Lamon Work

Morphe: The word morphe comes from the Greek “Shape”, “form”. In English it also means to evolve, change shape.

Leanne Goodall artwork

As part of this project, students were tasked with illustrating book covers based on the classic J.M Barrie novel, Peter Pan.

Newspaper Cover by Dexter Turriff-Davies

"If pain is the feeling of loss brought from failing to arrive at the destination that nationhood promises, where does this attachment to pain take us?"

Gray's School of Art Building

This project was created in collaboration with sound artist Samm Anga, hosted by Agora Digital Art and curated by Elizabeth Richardson

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