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Gray's Staff Projects

Learn about the wide range of projects and activities that our staff are currently delivering across the city and beyond.

Our staff are currently engaged in a wide range of projects and initiatives that often enable and afford opportunities for students to participate and develop their practical and professional experience.

Streetsport volunteers stand in carpark wearing branded leisurewear

Streetsport was launched by Gray’s School of Art and RGU Sport and is delivered in partnership with the Denis Law Legacy Trust.

Dr Maja Zećo on a train

Maja Zećo received a commission for a short, 3 min sound piece inspired by an LNER train journey from Aberdeen to London, featured in a digital issue of the Times in association with LNER.

Aberdeen Ceramics Studio team

Aberdeen Ceramics Studio (ACS) originated as a collaborative idea amongst Gray's staff and students to establish an open-source art studio centred around ceramics. Its purpose is to bring together students, graduates, and the local community, providing them with a space to engage with clay.

Aberdeen Cultural Summit

Aberdeen Culture Summit is a research-and-outcome driven partnership between Gray’s School of Art, RGU and the University of Aberdeen.

Group of people stand in the EDIT shop space in Bon Accord

Edit celebrates designers, artists and makers from North East Scotland.

Group of people play table cricket

Lord’s Taverners Table Cricket is a commercial consultancy design project undertaken by staff at Gray’s over the course of the last few years. This has taken the form of initial ‘Design Thinking’ workshops with members of Lord’s Taverners staff and with user groups that play the game across the year, connected with iterative design phases and prototyping work.

Look Again space from the outside

Look Again ‘At This Place’ was a series of public interventions in vacant empty shop units across Aberdeen city centre.

Look Again space from the outside

The Look Again Project Space (2018-2023) exhibition and event space in Aberdeen city centre, curated and managed by the Look Again team.

Look Again space from the outside

Immersive interactions for sustainable heritage in fashion & textile. Virtual or digital fashion is the visual representation of clothing built using computer technologies and 3D software.

Group of people using VR headsets

The Immersive Scotland Network allows exploration into how immersive technologies are used in other disciplines beyond fashion.

Harris Tweed being made

Harris Tweed Hebrides is a global leader of luxury woollen textiles that is directly connected to the history of the Outer Hebrides. The mill supports a community of home weavers and is integral to the region’s economy.

Person holding large black handbag

The 24-month partnership project (2018-2020) between Montrose Rope and Sail Ltd., a NE of Scotland heritage textile manufacturer and Gray’s School of Art developed a new range of products within the premium fashion accessories market. The project utilised the company’s heritage, existing expertise within manufacture and their unique industrial range of products.

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